Tuesday, 15 July 2014

A good teacher and an enraged student

This is not exactly the way I wanted to resume this blog, but I must do this.

During the 2014 World Cup (which, if you don't live on Earth, has just happened in Brazil; Germany won), some people and I were analyzing some event football charts in a private discussion group run by Gorizza Svortzan, a well-known astrologer and a dear friend.

I made a bad joke when posting one of the charts. I nicknamed the Germany vs Portugal match “Hitler; vs Salazar”. I know, it's not a classy one; I apologized then (see below) and a apologize for it again now.

The thing is: one of the members, that uses the name Max Schneider (he writes very much like someone who used the name Berthold in another Facebook forum, though), got offended. Very much. I apologized for the joke, he said he wouldn't accept my "half-hearted apology" and was shocked by my “comments”.

As I couldn't do anything other than apologize, I didn't do anything else. He, on the other side, sent me hate messages and asked Gorizza repeatedly to ban me from the group (which I told her would be fine, by the way; she didn't), and to delete the post. Because she wouldn't do it, or at least didn't do it with the speed he demanded, he:
a) send me one last hate message and blocked me from answering;
b) left the group;
c) left Gorizza's course (he was a student);
  1. threatened to tell anyone he knew that she was a terrible teacher.

Actions a) and b) were really OK by me; actually, they were a relief.
Action c) is a stupid decision (she's among the finest ones around), but it's entirely up to him and none of my business. His loss, not mine.

Acion d), however, is an unfair, cowardly act, and I must make it widely know as such.

Until my stupid joke, he was nothing but praise to her abilities as an astrologer and as a teacher, which is not out of place, since most her students are like that. According to them – and, judging from her as an astrologer and as a friend, I must agree with them – she is a fantastic teacher.

So, I made a bad joke. My bad; let the blame fall on me. I won't even talk about the amount of unanswered bullshit I received from the guy, or the – to me, at least – disproportion between my “offense” and his reaction. It's OK, my skin's thicker than his, I guess.

I just don't want an excellent teacher to have her reputation bruised, apparently for not killing me fast enough.

That's it. I promise next time the tone will be ligher.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

My new website

I'm sorry for being absent for so long.

I'll try and go back writing (and commenting on the things I've written before).

But, for now, I"ll just leave my new website. If you like it, please share:


See you soon.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Last fight of the year!

Ok, the year's almost over, but we still have one fight night to go.

The fight is, of course, Weidman vs Silva II, in which Chris Weidmann defends his belt from the guy who lost it to him, ex-Middleweight kingpin, Anderson Silva.

It will happen this Saturday, December the 28th, 2013, in the MGM Grand Garden Arena, in Las Vegas.

Here's the chart (cast for July the 13th, 2013, 48W41, 26S43, BZT):

Here's the prediction: champion loses. That is, Anderson gets the belt back.

Here's the bet:

Yes, it's a small bet (40 reais, around 19 dollars), but it's Christmas, my money's gone.

See you before New Year's day, I promise.

Monday, 23 December 2013

A Christmas Gift Tip

It is, of course, my Stars and Life.

Full of thrills and marvels, the perfect gift for all ages!

See what it brings to your astrological Christmas table:

Watching the Sky on the Screen

                                   Saturn goes to the Movies – Eyes Wide Shut and its free Astrology Lessons

                                    Virgo, Ice, and an Axe – Mercury in “The Shining”

                                    Perfume: Death by Venus Smells Good.

                                    Hook: or, Saturn, the Great Benefic

                                    Samurai Dancing in the Sky – The Seven Samurai and the Seven Planets

                                   Justice League: an exercise in symbolism.

What are you made of? The Temperaments.

                                    An Elementary Introduction: The Temperaments and the Elements

                                    Sex, Pepper, Beer, and Swimming: Welcome to Traditional Medicine

Life in the Fast Lane: Being an Astrologer

                      Translating the Heavens: The Joys and Wonders of being a Freelance  Astrologer and Translator

                                Astrology and Spirituality

                                 That Not-so-Magical Moment

                             Modern Traditionalists, or why I stopped calling myself a ‘Traditional Astrologer’

Learning Astrology by the Numbers and by the Hour

                                The Nature of Number and the Numbers of Nature

                                Two Lessons Horary Astrology Taught Me

Kindle e-books may be read in any device (laptop, tablet, smartphone), no matter the OS (iOS, Windows, Android, etc).

It may even be read in the Kindle itself :), which is a nice gadget.

I plan to write here again soon (I have to write about the last fight horary I have), but, if I don't manage to do it in less than two days, have a nice Christmas, dear readers, and God bless you all!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Stars and life - my first e-book.

I have just published an e-book via Amazon.

Some of the chapters are reviews and improvements of posts published here, some are translations and improvements of posts published in Portuguese, and some are brand new.

I had to edit the e-book because of a problem in the images, I hope it's already fixed. Anyway, take a look inside and check if the images appear before buying.


My best,


Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Great discount - for a limited time.

Even he celebrates such a promotion

Hello, dear sport fans,

In order to have fresh questions from a subject that interests me very much, but is not much asked by clients, and to have material to write about, I decided to offer a very good discount.

Until the end of the month (October the 31st, 23:59 - the offer ends at Halloween), any sport and/or sport betting question will be answered for 25 USD.

This includes any answerable question about any sport - provided, of course, I'm given the necessary details. The client must agree that the chart will probably be used in future public texts (I assure you, your privacy will be protected).

Don't be shy. Ask and you will get the answer.

My best,


Sunday, 20 October 2013


I got it wrong, again: Cain Velasquez retained his title in a very dominant fashion.

This horary (as the Henderson/Pettis) is not that much of a problem, I think I can see what I got wrong.

Anyway, so far, I fared much worse, in this sequence, than my previous average. I still have one horary from the original batch, but I decided to continue until the end of the year, if any other question pops into my mind.

Thanks for stopping by.