Wednesday, 25 March 2015

My book - being sold by Amazon!

Amazon is now selling my book, "A Tale of Two Popes".


Monday, 23 March 2015

My new- physical! - book

Hi, this post is just to let you know I published a book (old-style, with paper and ink), called "A Tale of Two Popes - An astrological Case Study".

It's an analysis of Pope Benedict's resignation and Pope Francis's election, in their birth charts (using secondary progressions and Solar and Lunar returns).

The paperback is available at and will be in Amazon this week.

It's also in e-book format:

My best,

Monday, 1 September 2014

Agadir shakes again - this time, no one got hurt

Three days after I posted the text on the 1960 earthquake in Agadir, there was another one.

Thanks God, no one got hurt in this one.

I took a look at the chart for this new quake, and it seems as mild as the event itself.
Agadir Earthquake, August the 31st, 2014, 21:14

No direct involvement of the usual suspects. It happened, according to the official sources, when the debilitaded Moon (besieged, between a peregrine Saturn and a very strong Mars, in her fall) hit the North Scale, one of the stars in the constellation of Libra.

The last eclipse happened in Taurus (around the 8º), and Mercury was at 12º Taurus at the time. The Moon is very far from these degrees, but their antiscion (22 and 18 of Leo) square the Saturn-Moon-Mars dance very closely. 

A square to an anstiscion is a very vague thing, which we usually don't even take into account; but it's interesting to note it happening here, in an earthquake which some of the people of the city didn't even feel.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Shake of Agadir - some thoughts on an old Earthquake

The 1960 Earthquake of Agadir devastated the Moroccan city almost completely, killing thousands of people (about a third of the city population) and destroying most of the buildings. The vast majority of the survivors became homeless; it was considered the worst natural tragedy of the country's known history.

I make no claim of being able to predict such a disaster; and I hope I don't sound disrespectful to the thousand of victims by taking a look at the chart for the event. But, with the help of hindsight, we are able to see quite a few unusal things happening at the same time.

Chart for February the 29th, 1960, 23:40, Agadir. 

The planet traditionally connected with earthquakes is Mercury. Mercury is in its detriment, fall, stationary (about to turn retrograde) and conjunct the South Node. It couldn't get much worse - or more related to being under the ground, it is coming back to a) the South Node b) the fourth house.

This bad Mercury falls by antiscion on 5º Libra - the spot of the previous eclipse. The Sun and the Moon are in almost exact opposition by antiscion (which is usually called "contrantiscion").

These things look compelling, but - apart from Mercury going back to the fourth house - they are the same all over the world. What is pinning this magnified destruction to Agadir?

Neptune is conjunct, by antiscion, the fouth house cusp. It seems to be connected to earthquakes (and the God from whom it got its name, Neptune or Poseidon, was the "Earth Shaker"). Uranus is conjucnt the Midheaven. Saturn is conjunct, also by antiscion, the second cusp. There are some fixed stars of Saturn nature involved, the most prominent being the South Scale (Zuben Algenubi) rising and Baten Kaitos (the Belly of the Whale) conjunct the Moon.

The chart looks bad. Would I have predicted such a devastating earthquake beforehand? Probably not. Will look for similar testimonies in other earthquakes? You bet I will.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Chasing Echoes - And Bunnymen

What could signify "Echo" in a chart?

My first thought was to investigate the birthchart of Ian McCulloch, the singer of "Echo & Bunnymen".

Unfortunately, I couldn't find his birth time. Here's a noon chart for him, from

The bunnymen are easy enough to find. Bunnies are Venus-like animals; Venus is in Gemini, a human sign and ruled by Mercury, the significator of reason. A double-bodied sign: more than one venusy small creature with the faculty of reason.

But where's the echo? We cannot check McCulloch's third house, but we can look for things connected to the bunnymen. The Mercury/ Moon conjunction is tempting, but misleading. The Moon could be very far from 18 Aries at his exact birth time.

Echoes happen when sound hits a hard surface. Hard things are ruled by Saturn which is strong in earthy Capricorn, hard as hard can be. Hitting Saturn could be signified by an opposition, but Venus cannot be opposed by Saturn, because she is not in 6º Cancer.

But her antiscion is. Echoes make the sound seem to come from somewhere else, and antiscia are alternative placements, after all.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

A good teacher and an enraged student

This is not exactly the way I wanted to resume this blog, but I must do this.

During the 2014 World Cup (which, if you don't live on Earth, has just happened in Brazil; Germany won), some people and I were analyzing some event football charts in a private discussion group run by Gorizza Svortzan, a well-known astrologer and a dear friend.

I made a bad joke when posting one of the charts. I nicknamed the Germany vs Portugal match “Hitler; vs Salazar”. I know, it's not a classy one; I apologized then (see below) and a apologize for it again now.

The thing is: one of the members, that uses the name Max Schneider (he writes very much like someone who used the name Berthold in another Facebook forum, though), got offended. Very much. I apologized for the joke, he said he wouldn't accept my "half-hearted apology" and was shocked by my “comments”.

As I couldn't do anything other than apologize, I didn't do anything else. He, on the other side, sent me hate messages and asked Gorizza repeatedly to ban me from the group (which I told her would be fine, by the way; she didn't), and to delete the post. Because she wouldn't do it, or at least didn't do it with the speed he demanded, he:
a) send me one last hate message and blocked me from answering;
b) left the group;
c) left Gorizza's course (he was a student);
  1. threatened to tell anyone he knew that she was a terrible teacher.

Actions a) and b) were really OK by me; actually, they were a relief.
Action c) is a stupid decision (she's among the finest ones around), but it's entirely up to him and none of my business. His loss, not mine.

Acion d), however, is an unfair, cowardly act, and I must make it widely know as such.

Until my stupid joke, he was nothing but praise to her abilities as an astrologer and as a teacher, which is not out of place, since most her students are like that. According to them – and, judging from her as an astrologer and as a friend, I must agree with them – she is a fantastic teacher.

So, I made a bad joke. My bad; let the blame fall on me. I won't even talk about the amount of unanswered bullshit I received from the guy, or the – to me, at least – disproportion between my “offense” and his reaction. It's OK, my skin's thicker than his, I guess.

I just don't want an excellent teacher to have her reputation bruised, apparently for not killing me fast enough.

That's it. I promise next time the tone will be ligher.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

My new website

I'm sorry for being absent for so long.

I'll try and go back writing (and commenting on the things I've written before).

But, for now, I"ll just leave my new website. If you like it, please share:

See you soon.